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a transit system. we have a simple subway to follow. san francisco is going to continue to lead the way forward both on transportation and on sustainable urban environments. without question we are going to see these forward looking transit projects continue to propel the economics projects of the city and it's live ability and vitality. what we are seeing here at 350 mission, that represents an important milestone in the fulfillment of that transit center vision. as most of you know, kilroy has been the most active investor in san francisco these days and bay area over the last few years and we've done so because we believe in this city and we've also done so because we have immense confidence in mayor lee. it's no coincidence
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that under mayor lee and his administration that we've seen such technology growth, employment and vitality in this city. we've seen that here through incubation and more importantly at this particular juncture we are attracting companies from silicone valley and the entire world to be a must be location for companies that want to compete globally. it's under the mayor's watch in my view that has seen silicone valley the highest tech nation in the world. so we at kilroy we fully agree and support the mayor's approach and he's creative in incredible effectiveness in leaded the
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country. he's succeeded in instilling the very highest level of industrial confidence and instrumental in attracting the world leading accommodation like work and he's doing everything to ensure this city is a place to work and live. here at kilroy we worked really hard to make 350 mission an important milestone in its progress. we do that by trying to provide a stimulating place to work and in addition to the landscape and something that is leading edge and sustainability. we are honored to mark it's beginning and particularly happy that mayor ed lee can join us today. he's been a fantastic support of this project and the principles that have inspired it. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the honorable mayor ed lee.
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>> thank you. it's my pleasure to join john kilroy from sales force to present this opportunity for a very shortly, i think it's early 2015 that we are going to see the actual address of 350. some of you were trying hard, where is that address when we were trying to locate this place. we are going to be soon to see it. it's on a fast track for good reason. sales force is growing. it's an exciting company. i have to thank, i know --elli mentioned but i want to thank all of you who have been involved, the planning department, everybody working with the city is finding that rhythm of what it means in this city. it means a series of attitudes about the future vision of this city and
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we have two companies who are working together. kilroy royalty and sales force that share that exact sentiment about investing in our city for all the right reasons. just go years ago ground broke the transit center. the feeling at that time it was kind of a little bet that we would make that perhaps this region if not the state of california was going to reinvest in our urban centers. we have taken a little risk at the time to suggest that our future work force, our reason, would see the urban light is where we want to be, the culture, the arts, are supported by some great art in the world and created by developers who have a vision that this is a place to have
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fun, live in and work everyday. with the vision that john kilroy had with his incredible investment. just in three years, it's sparking over $2 billion in investments in our city. now with sales force who has not only been a great employer, but they represent the cutting edge of technology in computing. there is so much discussion about where this idea is going, but i know the future of technology is invested in. the cloud, we all know that and we know the greatest companies are there to support this. well, in addition to being great employers and having great vision, i want to thank kilroy and sales force for also being great attribute
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-- contributors to our society. they are contribute to go -- contribute -ing to make our city great. it's not just doing a great process, it's also sharing the vision that we are participating in building a great society and you should see more and more of the philanthropic goals. this is what makes me happy not only to be here because even though we are within a half mile of 300,000 jobs from a half mile of this center, we know this is job creating, but we also know the people who work here want a great city to be in and want to contribute to a quality of life and build the great events program and where there is a
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gap, where people are struggling, you have benny hang with his wife to contribute to great hospitals, special programs and help me in education. this is what kilroy and benny hop do to be great leaders in our city. it's fun for all the right reasons. look at building, you see engineering suggesting that they can building a lead platinum building in the center of our town and continue as i go to other countries, i can brag about, not necessarily the 27 cranes that are up because some of the other countries have more cranes that we do. but we can brag about them. that they are the state of the art. they are going to be the
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greenest building here and that's going to continue our leadership in providing the greatest greenest buildings. it's the highest standard that you can get and to have everybody focused on that, i think the employers will find this to be a wonderful welcome. i'm celebrating this not only for the jobs, not just economics but the quality of lie -- life we all want to have in this city. now i want to support this. i'm excited that we see another building in the kilroy fashion. we always joke because i'm a big motion picture film. kill roy was here and will always continue to be here after designing and emphasizing the quality of life as we invite more people to work and live and stay in this wonderful city. it is my
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pleasure to help turn the spade here, but to celebrate everybody's participation in single that our transit corridor is going to be the center of wonderful employment, but also wonderful buildings and wonderful tenant and i can't thank them enough. great citizens, all joining together, remarkable city, this is what makes investor confidence grow and continue. thank you very much. [ applause ] thank you, mayor. outstanding comments. you spoke about sales force and we have a very important member of sales force with us today. it's what the ciwas and needs and the
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fastest growing software company in the world with 26 offices in 26 countries and operates support in 20 different languages and has received numerous well deserved award for it's most innovative companies and best companies to work for and with respect to commitment and community, the company was named service leader of the year award. they have donated over $30 million in grants and thousands of hours in community service and george himself is enormously talented and recognized around the world for the future of computing and he too has received many awards and
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preferably named -- best award. so please welcome george come up and say a few words. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome george. [ applause ] >> thank you, it's a great pleasure and honor to be here today representing sales today is a tremendous day for sales force and san francisco. i want to thank mayor lee and the city for supporting local businesses and development which allows companies like ours to stay and truly thrive in the city of san francisco which is great to have. i would like to thank kilroy for their commitment in san francisco and for really setting the standard for cutting edge work and environment in this mission building. i wou like to thank
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many who are here today that made this possible for their hard work and dedication. you know sales started in 1999 in a department on hill. companies are able to access software for the power of cloud computing. today that simple vision is now a billion dollar company with many employers here in san francisco. making us the largest employer in the city. today we have already more than 800 thousand square feet in san francisco and we expect 1.8 million square feet
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by 2016. that is tremendously exciting for us. we continue to grow and higher the talents that this city brings and enable and people that want to join our mission and are passionate about not what we are just doing about technology but our broader things and -- san francisco stands for power and passion and the need that makes technology go. we are powered with the community and leadership and other departments that share our vision for the future. also as the mayor mentioned we are extremely passionate about giving back to the city. right from the beginning we had a one one model from the beginning.
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that's the one percent equity and one percent of our product giving back to the community in the form of free donation to non-profit and we've given $40 million in grants and 445,000 volunteer hours and today as i travel around the world i meet many of our 18,000 non-profits to manage their organizations. now, this tremendous 350 mission building will be a key addition to the downtown san francisco campus. we couldn't be more excited about the building. 450,000 skweert -- square feet. it has led digital
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media campus. it sits here in the heart of technology here in san francisco with tremendous proximity to the bart center. there is never been a more exciting time of technology in this city as the mayor mentioned we are really starting to see now the energy of innovation and technology move from silicone valley right here in san francisco. today the city is full of start ups, we are surrounded by start ups and thanks to the mayor, our industry is thriving. our employees are thrilled to be here, i'm thrilled to be here, thank you to the community and
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thanks to everybody that is here today. thanks very much. [ applause ] >> thanks george and now i have the pleasure to present john kilroy which i have done many timeand you would think i have it down but i have so many things to say about it and it changes every time. i have had the chance to work with many ceo's and he's the best in my mind. john is a real estater. if he wasn't in real estate. he would be a tech entrepreneur himself, he's extremely in inquisitive and starting at the forefront of emerging ideas and shapes the way we stay in the world. he's a theoretical thinker and being firmly grounded. he understand real estate and nuts and bolts from
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the ground up and anywhere in between better than anyone in this industry. my view is that the best leaders lead by example and john does that. he consistently shows we are very fortunate at the company here because he consistently shows and leads us to what it takes to succeed through hard work and commitment and thoughtfulness and integrity and john is demanding by himself. he does make sure and we enjoy it that we are all committed particular to our team and customers like sales i'm positive that 350 mission couldn't have come together without john and without his ability and determination to move the project forward and at the time bringing everybody along
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with him. it is my pleasure to introduce him now. please welcome john kilroy, president and ceo of kilroy realty corporation. >> i'm not going to say a lot about the building. i think that's been covered. it's great to see everybody here this morning. mr. mayor, you said it well. i'm going to say it again. it's an absolute joy to see you every week at a ground breaking whether it's for a building or hospital or school. he told me recently, we had breakfast and he said that he's adopted the school system. i think the middle school system. i have never seen such a dynamic individuals and i have done business in a lot of cities. one thing i want to ask the mayor is when he's done with this city i would like to
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take him other places because they need him. de the comment that maybe i'm a good tech person. i don't have that gene like you andel do. when i did this deal, i was the key note speaker in early december or november. one of the n in the audience stood up and said what do you think of cloud computing and would you do business with people in cloud computing? and i said i don't know what it is and i don't think it's somebody i would want to do business with. why did i say that? because we had a confidentiality agreement and there were rumors. with regard to this building, it does en
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compass everything i love. they hadone a fantastic job on this building. great amenities and all the things it makes a great nderful investment. it couldn't have happened without the speed and the support of the mayor. we thank you. of course, to have a transaction which i think was the lease between kilroy and sales force was i believe was 6 or 7 weeks after we bought the land. that's probably the fastest real estate of any magnitude that i have been involved in and it only happened because we had a great team of people. the head of real estate, what a gentlemen, i'm sorry he can't bee. canwe have ke sure
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we get together when he gets back. and to say one thing about the building, i think when s and m looked at this property, they came up with an idea to really think the way buildings are built in the world today. someone used vibrant. there is furniture that moves. when we see the display, the large 45 foot by 70 foot display. it's going to be a great community and the share of the time dedicated to public arts and community related events. so that's going to be something as people come off the transbay terminal they
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are going to immediately connect with what's going on in the city. a few other thoughts with regards to san francisco, i do want to thank a few folks. first i would like to thank the design team, craig, the design partner and his team, steve, michael temple, to name just a few. great job, we are very thrilled to be working with you folks and webcor builder who have assured us that not only this project is going to be built on schedule but -- on budget. i'm delighted to hear that. and vice-president cohen,
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the superintendent, thank you for all of your help in making this a reality. there are two outstanding brokerage teams here in the city that represent sales force, and dan harvey and his team and representing oy waschris roader and david chert in and dave. they both did a fantastic job of keeping it on track and most importantly i would like to say a huge thank you to george and his company at sales and for believing us and the incredible speed for which this project came together. >>
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>> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> all right. i'm mohammad nuru from the department of public works and i want to first begin by thanking all of you for coming out today. it is a very, very great day in san francisco. yeah? >> yeah. >> all right. [ applause ] >> i remember about 16 months ago when we were here, we broke ground on this site and today, we are here for the topping ceremony. it is going to be a very, very
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great event, but i would like to first of all just thanks san francisco police department, fire department, dpw and everybody who has got us to this point. as we all know, public safety is a number one priority in this city. and it is the number one priority for our mayor and so, today, is a very, very great day as we take this step in topping this public safety building. before i introduce our mayor, as many of you know, when mayor lee ran for office there were three very important things that the mayor said that he was going to do. and one of them was he was going to create jobs. and we all know, all of these projects, we have ordinances, that make sure that we have people on these jobs. and he also is an environmental stewart ship that we would do
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everything that we can to project our environment and build the green and lead buildings. >> this as i said earlier public safety was his number one priority and without going further, let me introduce the man who has worked very hard to get us to this point, our mayor, ed lee. >> thank you. good morning, everybody, welcome to mission bay. you know, in 2010, the board of supervisors and the mayor did everything that it could to create a dialogue with our voters. and asked them to pass a very important bond, the earthquake safety and emergency response bond of 2010. 412 million dollar bond and should they pass it we would honor it with the best thought and planning process that the
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city could proviet and of course all of the agencies came together, our law enforcement agencies and i am glad to see our police commission here, fire commissions here and of course our two chiefs are here working in concert with the capitol planning group, with public works, and its architectal divisions of city engineer and its construction managers working with the private sector of panco, and hok to put together this bond program and particularly, this public safety building to be the first gem as i say, of public safety buildings that have so much catch to it so many promises, and that we are we were not just willing to deliver, we are delivering this. on time, on budget with all of the highest levels of cooperation. because we know how important it is. i don't just want to talk the
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talk about being earthquake sensitive, we have to do the things to make sure that we are ready and this public safety building represents years of planning, a lot of struggle, with finance people, and the controllers office and others about bringing this in because we also made a promise that these bonds would not increase people's property taxes. and that we would retire the old bonds in order to create the room for these bonds that would not increase the property tax burden of our residents, and so we are doing it. and so topping off means that you bring all of your contact paraphernalia with you because we are going to do a lot of these in the years that i am mayor to make sure that these projects are completed and i am glad to see, again, the top of the steel beam, some one of 6,205 pieces of steel that began their erection in january
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and we are here topping it off. it is important to know that the steel goes up because the building that is on the way of completing, the day of completion is november 14, it will house station four of our fire department [ applause ] >> yes. it will house southern station of our police department. [ applause ] >> and it will be the next command police head quarters for chief and his command staff as well. i was there at dpw for years, we were struggling about how we were going to replace 850 bryant street and obviously with the financial rec mifms that we we can only do it in phases, only when we do this part, could we work on the courts and the jails and all of the rest of the agencies that are housed, the da and others that are housed in that very old building. today it is about the new
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public safety building, 700 construction jobs, thank you. union. maus plause [ applause ] for all of the contract unions. panco, and all of the designers that work on this and i notice that the police unit and the fire unit are here as well to celebrate this because they know that the workforce will be housed in more safe buildings and we mean to do that for every police and fire station. we will have to do more eastern bonds in the future, but this particular bond has at its main gem, 239 million dollars dedicated to the public safety building and we are also using that bond to work on the water system and some of the fire stations that are in worst shape and we want to continue doing that. and it is a commitment that reflects today. we wanted to top this off and it came as

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